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Free Tax Calculator

Free Tax Calculator

How big will your tax refund be? Will you owe money to the IRS this year?

Use the Tax Calculator and find out. It’s easy to use, completely confidential and best of all it’s FREE.

Estimate My Taxes Now

To start the Tax Calculator you will need to have the following information available:

  • Your income for the year  (income from all sources including capital gains – can be either an estimate or the actual number )
  • The amount of tax you have paid (or the amount that you estimate you will pay) for the year
  • Any deductions you will be taking (for example:  mortgage interest, charitable contributions, child care expenses, IRA information)
  • Any tax credits you might qualify for

The Tax Calculator can be used throughout the year to determine how important events in your life might impact your taxes.  Marriage, divorce, new job,big promotion , or the sale of investments can all have an impact on your taxes.  With the Tax Calculator you will be able to estimate the change in your tax liability before the end of the year which means that you’ll be able to raise or lower your withholding or adjust your quarterly tax payments as needed.